Tiggly Shapes

Industrial Design of the first interactive iPad toys for toddlers

Designworks Brisbane Industrial Design Studio was commissioned to develop a shape based toy that interacted with iPads and other tablets.

  • Services
    • User Insights
    • Design Thinking
    • Conceptual Design
    • Industrial Design
    • Ergonomics
    • Prototyping
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • FEA analysis
    • Product Visualisation
    • Packaging Design
  • Technologies
    • Silicone Over-mould
    • Conductive Pads
    • Child safe design
    • Smart Apps
    • Tablet Friendly Design
  • Client
    • Kidtellect Inc
    • Launched 2013

Taking traditional timber shape matching toys as a starting point and adding the interactive iPad screen and app technologies to create a toy that increases a child's spatial reasoning, motor skills and language skills was the aim.

Designworks created a series of bright, colourful soft shape that would engage toddlers and interact well with the iPad.

Through the use of numerous fast turnaround 3D printed prototypes and user testing (with toddlers and their parents), many user insights were established early on in the project. This included the need for the iPad toy shapes to work without the child touching them. Various methods were trialled to ensure conductivity with the iPad before a unique manufacturable solution was established.

Designworks Brisbane based Industrial Design Team also discovered the need for the toys to include a lip to prevent the child’s fingers from touching the screen.  Advanced modelling techniques were used to integrate this flange detail into the external surface geometry of the design creating fun, useable and recognisable forms.

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The Result

Tiggly Shapes combine the best of physical toy’s tangible play value with the digital learning experience to create a unique engaging toy for toddlers. Tiggly shapes provide children with 4 colourful interactive blocks that are recognised once placed on the iPad or tablet screen. In conjunction with Tiggly Apps, these toys create a great gameplay for toddlers as well as a fantastic developmental learning tool.

Tiggly has won numerous award for innovation including 2014 KAPi Award at CES and Tillywig Brain Child Award for toys. Tiggly Shapes are currently sold worldwide in Apple Stores.