GC2018 Queen’s Baton

A Baton that will Invite, Inspire, and Include 1.5 Billion people from around the Commonwealth.

The Queen’s Baton leaves Buckingham Palace containing a personal message from Her Majesty The Queen. Travelling 230,000kms, visiting all Commonwealth nations and territories to arrive 388 days later, ready to launch the Gold Coast  2018 Commonwealth Games.

  • Services
    • User Insights
    • Design Thinking
    • Conceptual Design
    • Industrial Design
    • Ergonomics
    • Prototyping
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Manufacture
    • Product Visualisation
    • UX Design
  • Technologies
    • Capacitive Sensing
    • GPS tracking
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Smart Phone App
    • LED Illumination
  • Client
    • Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation
    • Launched 2017


We dunked our design team into the Gold Coast and were boldly challenged, amazed, and surprised. We listened, learnt and were moved. A narrative emerged truly reflecting the People, Place and Spirit of the Gold Coast – Boundless Energy

Design Thinking In Action

Our immersion process revealed discoveries about the culture we were designing for, and allowed our team to make informed design decisions.


Responding to Boundless Energy each concept was underpinned by the magical essence of the Gold Coast. Key themes emerged that were tested, prototyped and refined.

Design Process

Boundless Energy


Drawing inspiration from the Gold Coast’s bold irreverence, natural beauty and stories shared by Yugambeh Elders. The loop shape uses three distinct materials to reflect the city’s past, present and future.

Reclaimed Plastic

We push material boundaries and challenged ourselves to source discarded plastic from the oceans and beaches. We innovated a unique process to manufacture the leading edge, showcasing a sustainable future.

Marine Craft Stringer

A stainless-steel stringer provides a structural element borrowed from surfboards and marine craft. Illustrating the urban linear environment positioned between the hinterland and the ocean.

Macadamia Wood

Macadamia timber is super-local and an important symbol of local sustainable Indigenous custom.  Sourced from the foothills of Springbrook and crafted in-house using our CNC machining capabilities.

We create technologically
enabled products.


Capacitive touch technology triggers 120 LEDs as the Baton is passed from one Batonbearer to the next. GPS tracking and App controlled Bluetooth communication relays information into media channels and shared to the world.

Designworks created the lightest, most technological enabled, sustainable Baton for the Commonwealth Games.

Include, Inspire, Ignite

The final Baton presented many challenges for Designworks to innovate and provide creative solutions. Ultimately delivering a stunning Baton to Include, Inspire and Ignite the Gold Coast  2018 Commonwealth Games.