Ground Probe

SSR-Omni Open Mine Radar

The SSR-Omni radar predicts collapses and landslides in open-cut mines. It is the world’s most precise monitoring technology and allows a global community of mining professionals to make confident, informed decisions to better manage risk, increase productivity, and save lives.

  • Services
    • Conceptual Design
    • Industrial Design
    • Prototyping
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Product Visualisation
  • Technologies
    • Geotechnical Monitoring
    • Real Aperture Radar
    • 360° Monitoring
    • GNSS Locating
    • Hybrid Deisel
  • Client
    • Ground Probe
    • Launched 2019

An unforeseen collapse in an open-cut mine or dam has the potential to damage equipment and in some cases, lead to loss of life. With the assistance of monitoring, mine personal can save both lives and equipment, and ensure continuous production.

Ideation & Concept Sketching

We explored a wide range of aesthetic possibilities for the rugged protective covers, mounting systems, and camera shrouds for the SSR-Omni. We carefully considered Ground Probe's strongly established brand in the mining industry, and took inspiration from some of their existing product lines. This is a premium product that stands at the top of its category, and its looks had to reflect that.


Specifically developed for implementation to mine sites in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. The cutting edge design and integration of the radar and trailer embodies the innovative technology housed within. Designworks collaborated with electrical engineers, system engineers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturing processes engineers to deliver a visually striking and highly functional solution.