NB-IoT Waste Bin Monitoring Device

Smartsensor is an IoT system that enables city councils to control the collection of their public waste bins.

The data is used to determine the most efficient route to collect waste, where to optimise positioning waste bins, and when to empty bins.

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  • Technologies
    • Ultrasonic & Optical Laser
    • Rugged IP Design
    • Smart Architecture
    • NB-IoT, CatM1, LoRaWAN, SigFox
  • Client
    • Smartsensor Technologies
    • Launched 2019

Waste collection systems have remained unchanged for decades and have become out-dated and inefficient. Collecting empty, near empty, or over-flowing waste containers is an inefficient use of resources and a major issue for cities across the globe.

Smartsensor devices use ultrasound and laser technology to measure the fill of a bin. It transmits data across LoraWan networks to provide real-time updates and valuable insights into the fullness levels of city rubbish bins.

Dynamic Routing software enables users to have a city-wide view of their entire waste management operation, pushing out routing reports on the most efficient routes possible and plan for work schedules. Fleet drivers are directly engaged, updated and tracked.

Smartsensor is a ground breaking smart waste platform that enables cities to see every depot, bin, truck, and refuse station in one integrated map.
Temperature levels are monitored and maintenance alerts raised should the waste become too hot, or the bin is a victim of vandalism allowing fast response, servicing and a high level of upkeep to the city’s public assets.
Consideration for each user along the Smartsensor’s value chain included design for manufacture, assembly, programming, installation and maintenance. Seamlessly integrating with electronic engineering, programming, and data architecture systems.