The sleek and simple resistance swimming training aid that builds up your strength and speed in the water.

Drag+Fly is a patented, innovative, mobile swim resistance training device. Drag+Fly is designed to improve a swimmers power and technique in the water. 

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    • Drag+Fly
    • Launched 2011

The Drag+Fly training device makes the swimmer work harder while maintaining a natural stroke. The innovative cone design provides a varied level of resistance by opening and closing the aperture.

Drag+Fly can be used to compress the time required for a workout or as a professional training aid. Drag+Fly can be used in a community pool or the surf. Drag+Fly is used worldwide by professional athletes.

Drag+Fly has been designed with a high degree of consideration for usability and ease-of-integration. The cone is designed to enable progressive resistance loading. This is achieved with easily adjusted zippers which control the level of resistance enabling varied workouts and training activities. 

The hydrodynamic properties of the cone ensure the swimmers position in the water is unaffected (hips don’t drop). The waist-belt is designed to fit all users and is very comfortable in water. The towline is designed to float and remain untangled during tumble-turns. The towline cover was selected and tested to be comfortable on impact with the body.

Humanising Technology

We translate technology into products that will improve lives in meaningful ways.

Drag+Fly has great mass-market opportunity as a useful training device for anyone who enjoys swimming, The product is lightweight, compact, fits everyone, and dries fast. 

It has been developed for elite athletes requiring a very robust, efficient design that can be manufactured and marketed effectively at low-medium volumes & Packaging is functional as a storage solution after purchase. Every part of the product is necessary and designed to maximise performance as well as manufacturing efficiency.