Keyless trackable security

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  • Client
    • Dog & Bone
    • Launched 2013

The Challenge

By using your mobile device, you can open your SmartPadlock padlock without any physical keys, conveniently share virtual keys, take ‘keys’ away, and track your lock’s use. SmartPadlock provides trackable keyless security.

The Result

Through a mobile device, users can open and manage multiple locks, share with others instantly, and track usage. SmartPadlock provides keyless security – no keys to lose nor mistakenly end up in the wrong hands, yet the highest Bluetooth security standard.

User Centered Design

Figuring out the problems your customers face before they are even aware of them.

The Result

The SmartPadlock is tough and weatherproof, and includes a long lasting, fast rechargeable lithium-ion battery with prompts for recharging. Simply download the app, pair it with SmartPadlock and you’re done!